Certified Quality

Zdi is the preferred partner for technology companies. In today’s electronic market a gap free quality system is paramount to ensure authentic material is populated in our customers end product.

SolutionsZDI facilities are ISO9001: 2000 certified and incorporate JEDEC standard process control elements. However, standard compliance methodology is no longer sufficient to assure component quality. In this era of internet procurement and global sourcing, the need to guarantee the integrity and the source of purchased components has become a very serious concern for all electronic manufacturers. Specifically, the industry is imperiled due to the infiltration of reprocessed or counterfeit components. To combat this serious problem, ZDI has pioneered quality assurance programs that are based on multiple avenues of attack that include analysis of component suppliers at the source country location, detailed component analysis, inspection standards for all incoming devices and stringent supplier rating and review procedures. These processes allow ZDI to provide assurance of quality to all of our customers.

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